dimarts, 5 de febrer de 2013

LOGS dilluns 4 de febrer de 2013

6284,00 1655 R.Underground, E, electronic music JM Jarre, polka, greets to listeners, pops, schlager, greets to FranjaDx, electro dance, jingle, reading my own report, ballad, greets to R.Perfekt,jingle, report from Artem 24322
6240,00 1700 R.Mistero Ghost Planet, E,It, ballad, ID, hello from Italyo, Tubular bells, ID, QTH box in Eisenach for contact, closing down, ciao ciao 24332
1690,00 2150 unid, Gr, talks 24322
1646,00 2153 R.Vrolijke Mijnwerker, D,E, San Francisco, ID, greets amateurs, french song, pops, ID, Rosalie 24222
1655,00 2205 R.Relmus, E, rock,ID,  greets to Gino, Sugar sugar, rock ,rap 24222
1616,00 2213 unid, Gr, traditional song by duet 24232
4026,00 2215 LHH. E. ID, comments, jingle, disco pop girl  24322