diumenge, 29 de juny del 2008


Quick service on the Greek cybercafe!


Just received!
Seems Mr.Camping get an internet access to reply the last reports.

LOGS diumenge 29 de juny de 2008

6220,00 0755 Mystery R, disco music non stop + 1705 disco, jingle 24222
6220,00 0800 R.Marabu,G, rock, coments, alternative rock 24222
6875,00 1155 R.Playback Int,E, rock, jingle, pops ID from the Island of nowhere 24322
9290,00 1600 EMR,E, jingle, pops, QTH c/o Taylor,email, Offshore Echoes magazine,Mike Taylor mailbag 35443
6310,00 1750 unid, country song, closing down at 1751 24332
6275,00 1754 Camping R, E, Police, ID, Knocking on heaven's door, pops, Janis Joplin 35443
6306,00 2110 EM2008 R,G, football talks, sport anthems ,ID 22232
4025,00 2115 LHH,E, pops, Dj, rock, ID, dance 24322
6055,00 2130 KBC+BIG L, E, jingle, promos, QTH Ede, The mammas & the pappas, Connie Francis, Neil Sedaka, 45544

dissabte, 28 de juny del 2008

LOGS dissabte 28 de juny de 2008

6220,00 1620 Mystery R,E, disco pops non stop, jingles 35443
6275,00 1625 R. Diamond?, G, talks, rock, remembering old times with R Caroline, jingle R. Nordsea, Younger, 24332
6875,00 1845 R.Playback Int,E, ID, jingle, jazz, big bands 24432
3905,00 1920 R.Sensation,D, ballad, rock, 24322
6925,00USB 2055 Spider R,E, pops on USB 24222
6279,00 2100 Camping R, E, B52, rock, ID ..from the Mediterranean border sea, email, greets to Summermeeting attendants 35433
3905,00 2105 R.Boomerang,E,D, Eloise, ID, pops, rock, talks, disco 35443
6220,00 2110 CWR,E, rock, ID, email, rock 35433
6055,00 2130 BRI via KBC,E, rock, jingles, celebrating 28 years on the air, greets to Summermeeting 45444

divendres, 27 de juny del 2008

LOGS divendres 27 de juny de 2008

6306,00 1810 R. Alice,D,E, polka, schlager, ID, hallo amateurs, country ballads,rock 24432
6275,00 2055 BOA,G,E, Summer meeting promo, ID,hotline,rock,pops, jingle, 35333
6055,00 2145 KBC,E, The Doobie Brothers:Without love, Wolfman Jack Show,jingle ID,KBC import 45444
6220,00 2150 Mystery R?, testing, disco music 33322

dijous, 26 de juny del 2008

LOGS dijous 26 de juny de 2008

6925,00USB 2015 Spider R,E, pops, Culture Club, jingle ID 24322
6875,00 2025 Pirate Music,E, disco dance, Ride like the wind, jingle, dance, jingles 34433
6055,00 2200 KBC, E, pops, Wolfman Jack show, rock, Locomotion, jingle, Jiga, classic rock &roll 45444


Some new camping girl testing the microphone for the next show! So close-up ?

LOGS FM dimecres 25 de juny de 2008

89,00 1535 unid,balkanic music 33433
92,80 1545 ERT1-Pilion, Gr, talks. RDS: ERT ERA1/92.8/PILIO/
af: 92,8-88,6-88,9-97,8 PI: 1201 33433
100,50 1555 TRT-4, Izmir, Tur, female song 34433
89,00 1601 R.Rainbow,Thessaloniki,Gr, publ.pops ID 33433
90,60 1608 TRT-1,Top-Tepe,Tur, phone in show PI: 3201 34433
90,60 1610 UNID,Gr, Agapimu song, coments 34433
97,50 1618 Love Fm,Athens,Gr, Agapimu song, female dj 34433
88,60 1625 unid,Gr, talks 33433
88,90 1825 R.Maryja,Wroclaw,Pol, rosary RDS:R.MARYJA PI:3232 34443
87,70 1827 Polskie R,Trzebnica,Pol. Talks 34333

dimecres, 25 de juny del 2008

LOGS dimecres 25 de juny de 2008

6270,00 1920 Camping R, E, Walking like an Egyptian, elect.sound, secret numbers,ID,Roxy Music: Slave to love, testing new antenna before the special shows for the next weekend 35443
6400,00 2120 unid, E, Dire Straits, dj hello , don't understand the ID, rock, till 2125 closing down 24332
6055,00 2200 KBC, E, jingle ID, QTH Ede, email, Wolfman Jack show, rock and roll, Locomotion 45444
1690,00 2203 unid,Gr, folk music 24422
1635,00 2205 unid,Gr, liscas song 24422


New camping girl, just received. Family increasing!

dimarts, 24 de juny del 2008

LOGS dimarts 24 de juny de 2008 -SANT JOAN-

6309,00 1600 Camping R, E, Pops, Caroline song, Cat Stevens, greets to Alfa Lima,Dr.Tim and all listeners 24432
6055,00 2135 KBC,E, Wolfman Jack show,jngle, Totto:Hold the line, pop,K-po promo, rock and roll 45444
1690,00 2139 unid, Gr, talks, Kraftwerk:Das model, 24322
1670,00 2145 unid,Gr, light song:Agapimu, talks 24422

dimarts 24 de juny de 2008 - SANT JOAN - DIADA NACIONAL DEL PAÏSOS CATALANS -

The night of June 23rd, or Sant Joan as it is known in our country, is a huge celebration, without a doubt one of the most traditional and popular among the holidays celebrated there. Since ancient times, just at the arrival of the summer solstice on the evening of June 21st, people have welcomed in the warmer weather with celebrations of fire, the ritual flames consuming all as a sign of rebirth and renewed life. The origins of the celebration are indeed ancient; however they are also equally mysterious. There are some who believe it goes back to the Neolithic Age, when pagan celebrations were held to give strength to the sun god and thank him for the year's harvest. One important aspect of the summer solstice is that it marks the longest day of the year and is therefore followed by the shortest night, so from that moment forward, the daylight hours begin to wane. Over time, this so-called pagan tradition became christianized by the Church of Rome, who had it coincide with the anniversary of the birth of Saint John the Baptist. This adaptation to Christian ritual occurred in the 5th century of the Christian era. Although varying in specific regional traditions, the celebration has remained constant to the verve and popularity for which it became known, bringing together communities and groups of families and friends to participate in the annual holiday. For centuries now, places near and far all over the European continent have glowed luminously with fire, one of the most essential, yet one of many equally important elements associated with this celebration. As it happens, it is in our country where the evening celebrations of Saint John have remained true with the passing centuries, being celebrated with particular intensity in its towns and cities. Traditions such as Les Falles d'Isil in the Catalan Pyrenees, La Crema deth Haro in the Vall d'Aran, the unique celebrations held in Ciutadella

Symbolic Elements

+ Fire is the most fundamental element associated with the Saint John's Eve celebration.
Fire is the most fundamental element associated with the Saint John's Eve celebration, as since ancient times it has symbolized renewal and the giving of thanks for bountiful harvests. However it isn't the only symbolic element, as there are many more. One other element is water: a magic and purifying element which is inevitably linked to the Christianization of the celebration. Saint John, according to Christian tradition, was the hermit who baptized Jesus in the waters of the Jordan river. You will find as you read ahead that the magical properties that have been popularly attributed to water on Saint John's Day are endless, which is in sharp contrast to the Catholic Church strictly forbidding contact with water or even washing oneself on Saint John's Day. Lastly, one other important element worth mentioning belongs to the plant kingdom: the group of plants known in our country as 'Saint John's herbs', which include Saint John's Wort, Carline thistle, vervain, lavender, thyme…all these plants are in full flower at this time of year, and are known for their healing properties, particularly during the celebrations held on Saint John's Eve.

A Night Full of Magic

+ The word 'verbena' comes from the Catalan name for the vervain plant.
As we previously mentioned, in our country, Saint John's Eve is one of, if not the most magical of all nights. A myriad of rituals associated with fire and water have been passed down over the ages that still exist today. There are traditions such as leaping over the bonfires to free oneself from sicknesses and bad omens; or the healing properties associated with the morning dew and a wide variety of summer herbs and plants that cause warts, herpes and skin diseases to disappear, while at the same time bringing good luck and fortune. Besides, according to the tradition, Saint John's Eve is the night when the wishes of those in love are brought into being by way of ancient spells and incantations. Also a number of rituals to enhance fertility abound on this day. And to top things off, witches gather and plot a myriad of twisted events, as well as share rituals using magic potions known only unto them. As you can see, there is no lack of magical elements associated with Saint John's Eve.

Other Traditions

+ 'Coca de Sant Joan' is eaten on Saint John's Eve.
Saint John's Eve and the following day of the Feast of Saint John the Baptist are full of ancient traditions, some of which we have already mentioned. Obviously the celebration held on the night before the Saint's Day, also known as the 'verbena' is the most popular. People build and burn bonfires, light firecrackers right and left and make use of all sorts of fireworks, while also decoration their balconies, squares and are out on the town until the wee hours of the morning. One other tradition that finds its origin in ancient times are the 'ordalies', or a sort of trial by ordeal, consisting of a ritual closely linked to the young unmarried women living in rural areas. In order to predict the identity of their future husband, they follow such rituals as breaking an egg into a container full of water. The young women use the shape taken by the egg white to sense what tools their future husband will use to work the land. As regards gastronomy, traditional foods eaten on this day were ring-shaped cakes made using eggs, gradually popularized into the tasty fruit and suit 'coca' pastries eaten today. There are even cocas filled with creams and 'cabell d'àngel' (a sweet pumpkin filling). Common beverages include 'vi ranci', literally 'rancid' wine, as well as sweet wines, popularized by the Catalan cava consumed today.
(from Vilaweb/ Diari de l'escola)

dilluns, 23 de juny del 2008

dilluns 23 de juny de 2008 - FOCS DE SANT JOAN- LA FLAMA DEL CANIGÓ

St.John's days is a big celebration in Catalonia, with fires on every town. Every city celebrating the shorter night of the year. If you search SANT JOAN on You tube, you will find some interesting videos with original sounds!

LOGS dilluns 23 de juny de 2008

6305,00 1705 R.Boomerang,E, pops, ID, test to USA, Forever young, last song request closing down 1715 24432
6875,00 1715 R.Playback Int, music box testing non stop 34443
6305,00 2050 unid, Boomerang testing?, schlager duet, pops, abrupt closing down at 2053 35433
1640,00 2055 unid,Gr, song by man 24422
6055,00 2130 KBC,E, Wolfman Jack show,jngle, Booggie down disco, rock, pops, blues 45444
1643,00 2140 unid, D, talks, music 24322


More balls? the best!!!!

diumenge, 22 de juny del 2008

LOGS diumenge 22 de juny de 2008

6309,00 1015 Camping R,E, Tears in heaven, Roxane, ID, rock, pops + also at 1905 pops, Coldplay ..35433
6140,00 1200 R.Gloria Int, G,E, jingle, ID, rock, 24322
6306,00 2115 EM Radio o2008,G, sport anthems, ID, talks, polka, schlager,pop dance 23322
6055,00 2130 KBC+Big L,E, jingle, ID, MW.info, The Supremes, Winchester Cathedral, Beatles 45444
1635,00 2150 unid,Gr, talks, traditional song 23322
1660,00 2153 unid,Gr, talks 24322
1630,00 2155 unid,Gr, live phone in program 24432

dissabte, 21 de juny del 2008

LOGS dissabte 21 de juny de 2008

9290,00 1059 R.Casablanca WW,G,inst. ID. Dj Alwin Boscher, schlager girl, new talents 34232
6250,00 1728 unid, rock, legal? 24322
3915,00 1845 R.Boomerang, D, dance, pop dance, talks 23232
3905,00 2050 VOTN, ballad, rock,U2:Desire,Stranglers: Golden Brown; Brian Adams: D.Juan de Marco soundtrack 34333
6925,00USB 2055 Spider R,E, pops, Il silencio, 24222
3932,00 2058 Bogusman,E, talks on country, instrumental, noises on studio, 24222
6055,00 2150 KBC,E,rock & roll, ID,jingle, email, QTH Ede, Paul Mcartney: Monkberry Moon Delight 45444
3895,00 2153 R.Boomerang,E, rock, ID, Beatles, closing down at 2202 34333
1655,00 2155 R.Barones,D, Aline song, ID, report for Santana and others, instrumental 25442

LOGS divendres 20 de juny de 2008 - el meu sant!

6310,00 1835 R.Mazda, electro dance, ID, closing down bye bye at 1841 24322
6055,00 2200 KBC,E, ID, QTH Ede,Wolfman Jack show, Hot Chocolate: You sexy thing,ballad 45444

divendres, 20 de juny del 2008


LOGS dijous 19 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2140 KBC, E, pops, Wolfman Jack show, John Denver: Sunshine on my shoulders, disco funky 45444

dijous, 19 de juny del 2008

LOGS dimecres 18 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2135 KBC,E,Driver's seat,Wolfman Jack show,rock,10CC:I'm not in love,Sealed with a kiss, 45444
4025,00 1806 2140 LHH,E, ballad, pops 34322

dimecres, 18 de juny del 2008

QSL EM RADIO 2008 -1-

LOGS dimarts 17 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2150 KBC,E, Barry White,Wolfman Jack show, KBC import, pops,Beatles:Love me do 45444

dimarts, 17 de juny del 2008


LOGS dilluns 16 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2215 KBC, E, Wolfman Jack show, pops, Locomotion, blues, ID, K-po promo 45444

diumenge, 15 de juny del 2008


Just received. No traces of the UFO and aliens!

LOGS diumenge 15 de juny de 2008

6882,00 0820 R.Playback Int, pops very poor signal 24322
6140,00 1159 EMR,E, inst. ID. Pops, jingle, Spirit in the sky. R.Jackie memories, email, Mailbag program 24322
6310,00 1545 R.Malaysi, dance, jingle, more dance non stop 24222
6310,00 1815 Camping Radio,E, Oasis, serial numbers and elect noises seems trying to contact aliens?, robotic voice giving greets to Silveri, seems the operator is joking with me... 34222
3900,00 1855 R.Shadowman,D, polka, pops, schlager non stop24322
6280,00 1905 R.Merlin Int,E, rock, ID, blues, funky, disco from the 70's, ID, jingle 24322
5815,00 1910 R.Spaceshuttle Int, E,Fin,dance, Id,Belfast, electro dance,ID, Box Herten, asking 2$ for QSL 24332
3932,00 2130 Bogusman,E, talks and rock 35433
4025,00 2144 LHH, E, Dj promos, pops 24322
6055,00 2145 KBC+Big L, E, pops, ID, Eric Carmen:All by my self, Stevie Wonder harmonica's, ID BIG L on SW, 70,s pops 45444

dissabte, 14 de juny del 2008

QSL received # 16 from 19/04/08 to 16/06/08

NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN, 6195 Khz, QSL f/d, postcard, schedule in 22 d
QTH: rj-espa@intl.nhk.or.jp

VOA, 15545 Khz, QSL f/d , calendar, schedule in 59 d. QTH: letters@voa.gov

RADIO BULGARIA, 6200-7200-9500-11800-13800 KHZ, QSL f/d in 15 d. QTH: spanish@bnr.bg

RADIO BARRETINA INTERNACIONAL, 6312 Khz, E-QSL (Special Catajazz ) in 10 d v/s: Xavi QTH: radiobarretina@hotmail.com

RADIO HABANA CUBA, 11750 Khz, QSL f/d, calendar in 122 d. QTH: radiohc@enet.cu

RADIO PRAHA, 11625 Khz,, QSL f/d, info in 10d QTH: the web site form at http://www.radio.cz/es/report
RADIO PRAHA, 13580 Khz, QSL f/d (85nd birthday) in 15 d QTH: the web site form at http://www.radio.cz/es/report

RADIO INTERNACIONAL CHINA, 7335-9640 Khz, 6 Olympic QSL-card f/d, cut paint papers, 18-8-14 d. QTH: spa@cri.com.cn

EMR (via Wertachtal) , 6140 Khz, 2 QSL-card f/d (32nd birthday ), info in 9-8 d. v/s Tom QTH: studio@emr.org.uk

EMR, 9290 Khz, QSL-card f/d (32nd birthday ), info in 9 d. v/s Tom QTH: studio@emr.org.uk
Q103, 9290 Khz, 2 QSL f/d, personal letter in 34 d. v/s: DJ Volker QTH: Postbus 2702 NL-6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands email: qsl@q103.org
RADIO CITY, 9290 Khz, QSL-stencyl f/d, personal letter in 1 d. v/s: Paul Khun QTH: citymorecars@yahoo.ca

VOICE OF RUSSIA, 1548 Khz, QSL f/d in 22 d. QTH: post_it@ruvr.ru

ATLANTIC 2000 INTERNATIONAL via Mystery R, 6220 Khz, QSL-card f/d, info, personal letter in 17d. v/s: Mike QTH: atlantic2000international@gmail.com
CAMPING RADIO, 6309 Khz, E-QSL f/d in 6 h! QTH: campingradio@gmail.com
blog: http://campingradio.blogspot.com/
RADIO BARCELONA, 1652 Khz ,E-QSL, personal letter, 2 photos in 2 d v/s:Chris QTH: radiobarcelona9@hotmail.com
RADIO CALYPSO. 6275 Khz, E-mail in 10 d., 2 photos v/s:Jan QTH: calypso104@hotmail.com
RADIO CONDOR, 6310 Khz, E-QSL f/d, photo, personal letter for log in my blog! In 1 d. v/s: Ton QTH: condorradio@hotmail.com
RADIO CONTINENTAL, 3925 khz E-QSL f/d in 2 d v/s: Berry QTH: continentalradio@hotmail.com
RADIO FACE DE BLATTE, 6400 Khz, QSL f/d, photo, info, sctickers, promo, in 28 d. v/s: Crazy Blatty QTH: radio.rfb@gmail.com
RADIO MARCONI, 6310 Khz, E-mail in 2 d v/s: Harry QTH: marconiradio@msn.com
RADIO MERLIN INTERNATIONAL, 6280 Khz, E-mail in 18 h v/s:Paul QTH: radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk
RADIO RWE, 6220 Khz, E-QSL f/d in 65 d. v/s: Frank QTH: http://by131w.bay131.mail.live.com/mail/ApplicationMain_12.4.0080.0327.aspx?culture=es-ES&hash=1121778512
RADIO SCOTLAND INTERNATIONAL, 6200 Khz, E-mail in 3 d. v/s:Albert QTH: radioscotland@hotmail.
RADIO SHADOWMAN, 6305 Khz, E-mail in 30 d QTH: radioshadowman@hotmail.com
RADIO SKY-WIRE, 6325 Khz, E-QSL f/d in 7 d v/s: Henk QTH: qsl48@hotmail.com
SPIDER RADIO, 6925 Khz USB, E-QSL in 1 d v/s: Kostas K QTH: spider.sw@hotmail.com

RDP INTERNATIONAL RADIO PORTUGAL, 9815-11995-12020 Khz, 2 QSL-card f/d , personal letter 72-41 d. v/s: Christiane QTH: via the website form at http://tv.rtp.pt/canais-radio/rdpi/rescuta.php?canal=5

RADIO ROMANIA INTERNATIONAL, 9575 Khz, QSL-card f/d, schedule in 86 d.
QTH: the website form at http://www.rri.ro/art.shtml?lang=1&sec=334&art=3722

VOZ DE RUSIA, 6145-7340 Khz, 3 QSL f/d, stickers, postcard , schedule in 76-33 d
QTH: post_es@ruvr.ru

TURKEY: TRT VOICE OF TURKEY, 7160 Khz, QSL f/d in 72 d. QTH: espanol@trt.net.tr

U S A:
RADIO TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL via Okeechobee, 5745-7780 Khz, 2 QSL f/d, 36-27 d. QTH: via the website at http://french.rti.org.tw/customerservice/ReceptionForm.aspx
WYFR: 6915 Khz, QSL f/d, calendar, sticker, schedule, religious papers in 36 d. QTH: espanol@familyradio.com


LOGS dissabte 14 de juny de 2008

6882,00 0505 R.Playback Int, music box non stop 24432
6882,00 1345, R.Playback Int, It, live show, pops 24322
6882,00 2228 ,R.Playback Int, E, rock, jingle 34433
6310,00 1840 R.Malaysi,funky dance non stop 35443
3900,00 2040 R.Boomerang,D, dance,Roxette, talks 35443
6280,00 2042 R.Merlin Int,E, pops, funky, talks, rock 24222
6925,00USB 2045 Spider R, E, pops, ballads, Il silencio at the end 24322
3895,00 2049 R.Boomerang, E, D, Roxette, asking for reports, dance at 2115 thanking R.Pacman for report 35433
3890,00 2050 R.Boomerang,E, B52, ID Blues, pops 34333
3905,00 2052 R.Zanussi,D, schlager, pops, polka 24332
6310,00 2105 R.Condor,E, dance, greets to Iain in France, jingle ID,dance 24222
4025,00 2107 LHH,E, pops, jingle, rock 24222
3895,00 2114 R.Pacman,E, report for Boomerang 24222
3930,00 2125 Antonio Radio, D, E,G, schlager pops, ID, hotline, email, Anne Marie 24222
6055,00 2135 KBC,E, DooWop, Wolfman Jack show,jingle rock and roll 45444
3940,00 2220 R.Underground,E, dx program 24222
1670,00 2221 unid,Gr, ligth song, talks 24422
1644,00 2225 unid,D, polka, ID, talks 24411
1648,00 2227 unid,Gr, traditional song, talk 24422
1700,00 2228 unid,Gr, electronic music, talks 24422
1682,00 2230 unid,Gr, talks Kalispera 24422
3899,00 2233 R.Bluestar, E, electronic music, hotline, more electronic dance 35443

divendres, 13 de juny del 2008

QSL Q103

LOGS divendres 13 de juny de 2008

6882,00 1600 R.Playback Int, music box non stop 24432
3905,00 2045 R.Zanussi?,D,schlager, polka, pops, dj coments 34322
6925,00USB 2048 Spider R,E, pops, pops, Reo, Il silencio at the end 24322
4025,00 2055 LHH,E, pops, Visage, jingle 24222
6306,00 2103 EM Radio 2008,G, rock, talks, jingle, fanfare anthems 23322
6280,00 2104 R.Merlin Int,E, rock, jingle, blueos, The Kinks: Sunny Afternoon,Nilsson:Without you,dance 34333
6055,00 2130 KBC,E, jingle Wolfman Jack show, I'm your boggie man, rock and roll, K-po promo 45444

dijous, 12 de juny del 2008

LOGS dimecres 11 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2130 KBC,E,jingle,Wolfman Jack show, Beatles, Doo wop, K-po promo,New kid in town 45444

dimecres, 11 de juny del 2008

LOGS dimarts 10 de juny de 2008

4025,00 2145 LHH,E, Black is black by Los Bravos, jingle, light music, 24332
6055,00 2150 KBC, E, rock&roll, Wolfman Jack show, hello from Frankie Valli,
jingle, Promo, Beach Boys 45444
3906,00 2150 R.Zanussie?, D, polka, dj coment, uite abend, more polka 24332
3906,00 2158 R.Pacman, D,E, report and thanks for the song 24432

dimarts, 10 de juny del 2008

LOGS dilluns 9 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2140 KBC+Big L, E, Creedence C.R, Promos Big L, Johnny Mathis, Dusty Springfield, Cerezo Rosa.... 45444
1692,00 2145 unid, Gr, talks, traditional song by man 24322
1670,00 2150 unid, Gr, song by man 24222

diumenge, 8 de juny del 2008


just received!


Acabo de descobrir una nova emissora lliure, i voldria compartir amb tots vosaltres la meva "descoberta". L'he escoltat de casualitat després de dinar, he escoltat aquesta adreça de contacte: campingradio@gmail.com i he fet una recerca fins que he trobat aquest altre lloc: http://campingradio.blogspot.com/ amb l' imatge de l'encapçalament.

També, he enviat el control d'escolta, i ara estic esperant la seva confirmació. Us mantindré informats.


Here is the website and the promo of a new station ( for me) just discovered after the lunch. I was listening the email campingradio@gmail.com on air, and after a search seems that this is the good place to know more about this new project. I'm waiting for some kind of confirmation.

LOGS diumenge 8 de juny de 2008

6882,00 0715 R.Playback Int, E, ID, Boney M: Daddy Cool, Snap: Rhythm is a dancer, blues, 24432
6210,00 0735 RWI?, ballad 24311
6309,20 1345 R.Camping Int, E, song: Que sera, sera , whatever will be will be?, jingles, ID:This is R.Camping, Simply Red, ID, greets to dr. Tim campingradio@gmail.com 35443
6275,00 2030 R.Sallandse Boer?,D, pops, polka,schlager, jingle,greets amateurs 24322
6925,00USB 2035 Spider R, E,pops, ballads, Il silencio at the end 24222
6055,00 2140 KBC, E, Marvin Gaye, Wolfman Jack show, High school rock, jingle, ID, Neil Young 45444
4025,00 2150 LHH,E, pops, You are always on my mind, Dj, ballad 24332

dissabte, 7 de juny del 2008

LOGS dissabte 7 de juny de 2008

6882,00 0640 R.Playback Int,E, USA country music show 24432
6280,00 0647 Orion R, E, pops, electric guitar solos, Spanish eyes, ID, good morning 24322
9290,00 0905 R.Joystick,G, funky dance session, ID by Charlie Prince 24332
6325,00 1745 RWI, E, country music show, ID jingle 24322
6325,00 1910 R.Quintus,E,D, pops, rock, ID 24322
6925,00USB 2020 Spider R, E, rock, pops, Discotheque by U2, Il silencio closing down at 2100 24322
6306,00 2025 unid, music, a lot of noises impossible to understand 24211
4025,00 2028 LHH,E,Chistopher Cross: Ride like the wind, dj coments, ID 24322
3932,00 2045 Bogusman,E, long talk, rock 24322
3903,00 2058 R.Scotland Int,E, rock, pops, ID on 3902 bye bye, closing down at 2125 34333
3903,00 2126 R.Boomerang, D, classic rock&roll, ID, report for Boomerang, Jarre + 2140 schlager, report from Marcel 35443
3903,00 2132 R.Scotland Int,D, hard rock, report for Boomerang, email 24332
6055,00 2035 KBC, E, rock, Procul Harum, ID, email, QTH Ede, Elvis Presley: Wonder of you, report from Argentina, Perry Como 45444
3904,00 2152 R.Delmare,D, rock, report for Boomerang 35443
3940,00 2159 R.Underground,E, jingle, rock 24232

divendres, 6 de juny del 2008

LOGS divendres 6 de juny de 2008

6882,00 1735 R.Playback Int, E, It, rock, reports, live show, hotline, email, pops 35443
6275,00 1850 R.Spaceman, E, Janis Joplin, ID back in town, Thin Lizzy, reports from USA, rock 35443
6925,00USB 2045 Spider R, rock, Il silencio, sign off at 2100 24322
6305,00 2050 R.Oscar Zulu, E,D, rock, schlager, ID, ballads 24332
3904,00 2055 R.BlueStar,D,E, rock, pops, AHA,ABBA,Big in Japan, 24222
3900,00 2100 R.Atlantis Int,E, pops ID, also at 2150 35443
3900,00 2110 R.Boomerang, D, E, JM Jarre, ID, report from France, inst., report from Achim, pops 35443
6055,00 2130 KBC, E, disco girl, Wolfman Jack show, Hello by Barry White!, Blue Velvet, Twist and should 45444
6275,00 2203 R.Boomerang, D, E, Power to the people, report for Spaceman 34433
6275,00 2207 R.Calypso, instrumental dance, ID, report for Boomerang and Spaceman 34333

LOGS dijous 5 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2135 KBC,E, ABBA: Waterloo, jingle Wolfman Jack show,Without love, pops, KBC import 45444
5815,00 2145 R.Telstar South?,E, pops, jingle, rock and roll 24322/24311

dijous, 5 de juny del 2008

LOGS dimecres 4 de juny de 2008

6275,00 2115 R.Calypso, instrumental till the end at 2118 35443

LOGS dimarts 3 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2135 KBC, E, Dreams, Wolfman Jack Show, jingle, Paul Simon: Mother and child reunion 45544

dimarts, 3 de juny del 2008

LOGS dilluns 2 de juny de 2008

6055,00 2135 KBC, E, Wolfman Jack show,Beatles, jingle, K-po promo,Bobby Goldsboro 45444

diumenge, 1 de juny del 2008


LOGS diumenge 1 de juny de 2008

5815,00 0710 Orion R,E, pops, ID, coments 24322
9290,00 1100 R.Victoria,G,E, ID, techno dance, Visage, Ids, website, techno dance 34333
6140,00 1245 MV Baltic R, G, Spanish guitar solos, ID, rock, website, email, Stand by me 35333
6307,00 1705 unid,D, music, talks, a lot of cracking from storms 24222
3903,00 2035 R.Bluestar, electro dance till the sign off at 2039 35433
4025,00 2040 LHH, E, pops, jingle, ballad 24222
6925,00USB 2045Spider R,pops, rock, Il silencio closing down at 2100 24322
3940,00 2120 R.Underground,E, talks non stop 24222
6055,00 2150 KBC, E, Trini Lopez, Dj coments, pops, Manfred Man 45444
6925,00USB 2155 unid,E, dj coment, country music 24322

LOGS dissabte 31 de maig de 2008

6310,00 1710 R.Malaisy, dance mix: Because the night, jingle, non stop dance 35443
6210,00 1728 unid, pop dance, ID 24222
3906,00 2014 R.Spaceman,E,G, ID, rock and roll, uncle Bernard on studio,greets to R.Delmare,Silveri,Ukdxer,Poland 35443
6925,00USB 2117 Spider R, rock, 24322
3932,00 2115 Bogusman,E, big speach, rock 24322
4025,00 2120 LHH, E, pops, 24322
1650,00 2123 unid,Gr, talks, traditional song 24422
1670,00 2124 unid,Gr, talks, tilephono.. Simphonic rock 24422
6055,00 2140 KBC,E, ID,WJShow, Doobie Brothers:Without you, rock and roll, jingle, K-po promo 35443
1656,00 2150 unid,D, polka, schlager, 24422
1628,00 2155 unid,Gr, traditional song 24322
1700,00 2158 unid,Gr, talks musikia. 24322
3940,00 2215 R.Underground,E, pops 24222