diumenge, 12 de febrer de 2012

LOGS dissabte 11 de febrer de 2012

6095,00 1455 KBC,E, Rock and roll Saturday show, ballad, jingle, rockabilly, Del Shannon, Ricky Nelson 44444
6930,00 1805 Irish Music R, E, electro dance show 24332
6970,00 1810 LHH,E, ballad, pops 24232
6290,00 1815 Delta R, D,E, ballad, talks, jingle, dance 34322
6375,00 1825 R.Caroline Int, E, pop dance, jingle, email, Italian news, more dance 24332
1653,00 2350 R.Barones, D, country ballad, talks, pop rock ID 24222

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Caroline team ha dit...

Hi Silveri,
thanks a lot for your log of us there again!! Power had been again 120watts here.
We have any new female team member from Italy here now and she is reading from time to time any news in italian language!

Best wishes,
R.Caroline International.