dimecres, 27 d’abril de 2011

QSL received #21 from 10/04/2010 to 26/04/2011

KBS via Sackville, 6045 kHz, QSL f/d, sticker, report form in 11 d.
QTH: spanish@kbs.co.kr

RADIO PRAHA, 5930-11600-11720 Khz,, 9 QSL(last day on SW!) f/d, schedule, macht box, magnetic needle, calendar, tourist map & info, in 10-24-15-22-5-18 d
QTH: the web site form at http://www.radio.cz/es/report

RADIO SPACESHUTTLE INTERNATIONAL via WMR, 5815 Khz, E-QSL, letter, f/d in 28m.14 d!!! v/s: Dick
QTH: spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com

RADIO TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL via Issoudun, 3965 Khz 9 QSL f/d, postcard, pencils, agenda, calendar, schedule, 8 fruit stickers in 56-22-55-19-24-57-50-17d.
QTH: via the website at http://spanish.rti.org.tw/customerservice/ReceptionForm.aspx

ATLANTIC 2000 INTERNATIONAL, 6005 Khz, QSL f/d, info, personal note in 22 d.
v/s: Tiphanie,
QTH: atlantic2000international@gmail.com

EUROPEAN MUSIC RADIO, 6140 Khz, 3 QSL f/d ,info in 30 -8-32 d. v/s: Tom
QTH: studio@emr.org.uk or EMR c/o MV Baltic Radio, R&R Medienservice, Seestrasse 17, D-19089 GOHREN, Germany

ATLANTIC 2000 INTERNATIONAL, E-QSL f/d, in 1 d. v/s: Tiphanie
QTH: atlantic2000international@gmail.com

R.M.R.C.- special R. SAINT HELENA’S DAY , 6130 kHz, E-QSL, E-mail f/d in 1 d..
f/d v/s: Lutz Winkler
QTH:via web: http://rmrc.de/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1&Itemid=66

R.M.R.C./ J.S.W.C. - special R. SAINT HELENA’S DAY, 11640 kHz, E-QSL f/d , personal note in 1 d. v/s: Kazuhiko Iwasa
QTH: jswclqsl@live.jp

RADIO WAVES INTERNATIONAL, 6055 Khz, 5 QSL stencyl f/d, personal note, post card, CD, infos in 9 d. v/s: Peter Hills & Philippe
QTH: rwaves@free.fr

ATLANTIC 2000 INTERNATIONAL, 7610 Khz, 3 QSL f/d, info, personal letter in 7-9 d. v/s: Tiphanie
QTH: atlantic2000international@gmail.com

ATLANTIC RADIO, 6960 Khz, QSl card f/d , post card, in 46 d. v/s: Stephen Prendergast
QTH: atlanticradio1251@gmail.com

B52 RADIO, 1690 Khz, E-QSL f/d, personal note, photo in 1 d. v/s: Nikos
QTH: b52radio@hotmail.gr

BALTIC SEA RADIO, 7000LSB kHz, E-QSL f/ in 3 d. v/: Dj Sailor
QTH: balticseapirate@gmail.com

CACTUS JACK RADIO, 6912 Khz, 2 E-QSL f/d in 67 min- 23h.
QTH: cactusjackradio@hotmail.com

CENTRAL RADIO INTERNATIONAL, 3901, 6305 Khz, 2 E-QSL in 14 d., personal letter f/d in 9 h. -1 d. v/s: Joe Ken
QTH: merseyradio@yahoo.com

FREE RADIO VICTORIA, 3895 Khz, 2 E-QSL f/d, photo, personal letter in 4 d. v/s: Frank
QTH: freeradiovictoria@hotmail.com

MAGIC AM, 6326 Khz, 2 sexy QSL f/d, personal letter in 90d
QTH: P.O.Box 56719 NL-1040 AS Ámsterdam or magic.am@online.nl

MIKE RADIO, 6940 Khz, E-QSL f/d in 19 d. v/s: Mike
QTH: mikeradio@live.nl

MUSTANG RADIO, 6325 -1646 Khz,, 2 E-QSL f/d, E-Christmas card, personal note in 30-1 d
v/s: Herman
QTH: mustangradio@live.nl

OVERIJSSEL RADIO. 4065 Khz, E-QSL, personal note
QTH: verzoek@overijsselradio.nl

RADIO ALICE, 6420 Khz, E-QSL f/d in 56 min.! v/s: Herman
QTH: radioalice@hotmail.com

RADIO BLACK ARROW, 6304,8-6930-15090 Khz, 3 E-QSL f/d in 9 d.- 7 h.-2 d. v/s: Alex
QTH: radioblackarrow@hotmail.com

RADIO BLACK BANDIT, various frequencies, E-QSL in 4 d.
RADIO GREEN SNAKE, 6375 Khz, E-QSL f/d in 9 d.
QTH: via Dr. Tim.

RADIO BLUESTAR, 3898-3905 Khz, 2 E-QSL , Christmas card, personal letter in 23m.23d.& 20m. 2d.!!! v/s: Henri
QTH: bluestarradio@live.nl

RADIO BORDERHUNTER, 6210 Khz, E-QSL in 1 d. v/s: Frans
QTH: borderhunterradio@hotmail.com

RADIO CAROLINE INT. + RADIO RAINBOW INT., 6319-6290-6325 Khz, 5 E-QSL, personal letter in 135 min.- 1 d.-26 h.-23 min.- 1 d. v/s: Paul
QTH: carolineradio@hotmail.com

RADIO DUTCHWING, 6324-6386 Khz, 2 E-QSL, personal note in 25-8 d v/s: G.Tabak
QTH: radioduchtwing@live.nl

RADIO JAN VAN GENT, E-QSL diploma in 22d.
QTH: radiojanvangent@gmail.com

RADIO KRISTAL, 1671 kHz, E-QSL, 2 photos, personal note in 8d.
QTH: janwevers61@live.nl

RADIO MERLIN INTERNATIONAL, 6300-6305-6325 kHz, 7 E-QSL, photos, personal letter in 3 d.-12 h.-40 min- 6d.. v/s: Paul
QTH: radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk

RADIO MISTLETOE, 3905-4100 kHz, 2 E-QSL f/d, personal note, in 5 d. v/s: Kris Kringle
QTH: radiomistletoe@live.com

RADIO NORTH, 6220 Khz, E-QSL f/d, personal note in 39 min. v/s: Andrew
QTH: radionorth@hotmail.com

RADIO PINK PANTHER, 6325 Khz, E-QSL f/d. personal note in 2 d. v/s: Klaas
QTH: pinkpantheram@hotmail.com

RADIO POLARIS, 3905,5-6385 Khz, 2 E-QSL f/d, personal note in 14-8 d, v/s: Dj Iggy
QTH: polarisradio@hotmail.com

RADIO POWERLINER, 5820 Khz, E-QSL f/d, info, in 5 d. v/s: Mark X
QTH: radiorpi@hotmail.com

RADIO SAXONIA, 3905 Khz, QSL f/d, postcard in 8 d, v/s Augustus Rex
QTH: radiosaxonia@web.de

RADIO SCIROCCO, 6425 Khz, E- QSL in 17h., personal note, v/s: Jarno
QTH: scirocco104@hotmail.com

RADIO SPACESHUTTLE INTERNATIONAL, 6310 Khz, E-QSL f/d, personal letter in 149 min. v/s: Dick
QTH: spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com

RADIO TROPIQ, 6390 kHz, E-QSL f/d in 13d, v/s: Zoli
QTH: radiotropiq@gmail.com

RADIO UNDERGROUND, 6325 Khz, E-QSL f/d in 1 d v/s: Steve
QTH: radioundergroundsw@gmail.com

RADIO VROLIJKE MIJNWERKER, 1665 Khz, E-QSL f/d, 21 photos!! Personal note in 2 d. v/s.Gerrit
QTH: vrolijkemijnwerker@hotmail.com

RADIO WILSKRACHT, 1655 KHZ, E-mail, in 3 d.
QTH: www.am-forum.nl

SONIC RADIO, 6375 Khz, E-QSL in 1 d, v/s: Jacco
QTH: jaccoenmirjam@hotmail.com

TIME RADIO, 6210 Khz, E-QSL in 6 d. v/s: Henk K
QTH: timeradio.shortwave@gmail.com

WCS-RADIO WAVES INTERNATIONAL, 6325 Khz, big paper QSL,personal letter, info, 2 CD, stickers, visit card, in 14 d. v/s; Peter Hills & Philippe
QTH: P.O.Box 130 F-92504 RUEIL Cedex, France or rwaves@free.fr

ZENDER POSTOFFICE, stream, E-QSL in 6 d.v/s: Ronnie Rodent
QTH: zenderpostoffice@hotmail.com

RADIO ROMANIA INTERNATIONAL, 6070-7380-9575-9755-9790-11965 Khz, 8 QSL f/d, personal letter, pennant, Christmas card, stamp for diploma, schedule in 148-117-65-58-31-119-80-53-93-70-50 d
QTH: victoria_sepciu@yahoo.es

RADIO ROMANIA ACTUALITATI, 88,8 Mhz, QSL letter f/d in 36 d. v/s Doina Jalea
QTH: cultural@rornet.ro

RADIO ROMANIA CULTURAL, 89,5 Mhz, QSL letter f/d in 36 d. v/s Oltea Serban Parau
QTH: pactualitati@rornet.ro

RADIO CITY, 9515-9510 Khz, 5 E-QSL in 69 min.-11h.-134 min.-3h.-11min. personal letter v/s: Paul Kuhn
QTH: citymorecars@yahoo.ca

RADIO SLOVAKIA INTERNATIONAL, 9460 Khz, QSL f/d (last day on SW) in 62 d
QTH: rsi_spanish@slovakradio.sk

TRT VOICE OF TURKEY: 11930-9495 KhZ, 3 QSL f/d, sticker, schedule, tourist info in 29-45 d.
QTH: spanol@trt.net.tr

U S A:
RADIO TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL via Okeechobee, 6875 Khz, , QSL f/d, in 72 d.
QTH: via the website at http://french.rti.org.tw/customerservice/ReceptionForm.aspx