dilluns, 17 d’agost de 2009

LOGS diumenge 16 d'agost de 2009

6870,00 0700 R.Playback Int, E, ballads,pops, 0930 Mrs Robinson ID 24322
6140,00 0900 EMR,E, ID, Young hearts run free,email, mailbox program, Born to be wild, my own report received, Offshore records magazine promo,English kids foundation,The Killer 34333
6220,00 0925 Mystery R, E, pops, ID, JJ live show, jingles RPI/Mystery R,Born to be wild,Cocaine, 24322
6585LSB 1540 unid, It, relay FM station, ballad + collection of bad words from hams 33433
6055,00 2130 KBC+Big L, E, jingle ID, pop rock, R London jingles collection, Dj Chirpie and Chloe, My generation, R. Mi amigo jingle, promos, Beach boys 44444