dilluns, 12 de gener de 2009

LOGS diumenge 11 de gener de 2008

5800,00 0705 R.Playback Int, E, pops, funky, Id, live from the Island of nowhere 24432
6585,00LSB 0740 unid, pops, jingle as RTL?, REM: Losing my religion, breaks, italian hams in the background, 24432
5815,00 0758 Orion R, E, Is this the way to Amarillo, Crunchy Pianola suite, ID, Butterfly, pops, rock 25442
6325,00 0815 RWI,E, country music show, duet, jingle ID, country ballad 24422
6220,00 1040 Delta R, E,D, dance, ID, hello to Iann, Happy new Year, pops, email, Guten Morgen, 24432
6140,00 1259 R.Blue Star,G,E,D, ID, Man of action, polka, Box Zwolle, Johnny Cash: Walk the line, greets to Iann, Dr. Tim, R.Tina, schlager
6300,00 1435 Delta R from Gelderland,D, techno pop, ID, disco dance 35443
6220,00 1445 Mystery R. disco music non stop, jingle ID , closing down at 1620 35443
6055,00 2135 KBC+Big L, E, pops,jingle, Days of Pearly Spencer, rock, pops 34433