dilluns, 24 de novembre de 2008

LOGS diumenge 23 de novembre de 2008

4024,60 0705 LHH, E, Bob Marley, ID, piano song, dx info, ballad 24432
5800,00 0715 R.Playback Int, E, gospel, ID, jingle, classical music, Welcome to Sunday, Men at work 24332
6325,00 0740 R.Lowland,E, disco, ballad, rock, Celine Dion, In the air tonight, Live is life, jingle 24332
5815,00 0805 Orion E, E, Crunchy pianola suite, ID, Bruce Springsteen:Dancing in the dark, rock 24332
6266,00 0820 R.Scotland Int, E, D, rock, jingle, Tous les garçons et les filles:Françoise Hardy, problems on microphone 34433
6285,00 0830 R.Quintus, E, D, G, ID, hotline, pops, guten morgen, Chumbawamba: I get knocked down, pops 24322
6140,00 1259 R.Gloria Int,E,G, jingle, Ids, Pink Floid:Momentary lapse of reason, jingle, rock , 35443
9290,00 1359 RWI, F, E, celebrating 25 years on the air, variety of french songs, jingle in German, Raining night in Georgia 45444
6220,00 1500 Mystery R, E, disco rock, funky, jingle ID, la dolce vita by Ryan Paris 24432
3932,00 1555 Bogusman, E, rock, pops, talks on cooking around 24222
6055,00 2150 KBC+Big L, E, rock, jingle, pops,Soldiers who want to be heroes, Pop corn, promos 35543
1665,00 2210 unid, D, rock, pop rock, I'm walking the dog, schlager, ballads 24322