divendres, 12 de setembre de 2008


Sembla que hi haurà una nova emissora en els nostres dials d'ona curta. Tot just fa una estona he rebut aquest correu i aquesta imatge-logo. Caldrà estar pendents de la novetat.

Hi Silveri Gomez !

This is a new pirate radio station in the waves this Autumn.

I see your blog, is very interesting space web for control of my transmissions from republic of Spain.

I´m new pirate in shortwave, i need more information about other stations and equipment to transmitt in conditions.

This weekend the staff of cactus jack radio is working to made a live show program on air between 6200 - 6300 khz.

My location is a secret, but with more cactus.........

Thanks, good luck !



Just received this info on my email box. Seems a new station will born during the next weeks or days. Funny name and logo!

Not sure about my possible help on the transmitters & frequencies world! Maybe other people will do the best? Feel free to contact this new station, of course.