diumenge, 10 d’agost de 2008

QSL V. O. T. N.

Just received!
Hi sir
Many thanks for the reception report, I am very happy that the reception was good in your country.
Sinpo: 35443
date : 30-03-2008
time: 8:30 - 8:55
Freq: 6275khz 48 meters.
Mine transmitter is German made Telefunken S2525/3 freq range 1.5 to 30 mc..
Power max 1Kw on SW and 800 watts on Medium wave.
Antenna half wave dipool 2 x 11.35 meter inverted V 14 meters high.
Antenna for medium wave vertical helical 16 meters high.
I am living in the east side of Holland nearly the German border..
OK again many thanks for the E-mail ..And I hope till the next time.Much greetings .
The Voice of the Netherlands.
votn@planet.nl or votn@hotmail.com
0031 6 23968182